• 2017 Spring Newsletter

    • April 2017
    News TitleRain, rain, go away and don’t come back every day! Hard to think about what to write as I huddle by the pellet stove on April 19th.
    When you walk into the clubhouse, you will notice a nice new fresh coat of paint and trim. And when you look out the window towards #9 green, you will notice that the 2 ponds are now one big one. A big
    thanks goes to Don Cannan for helping me with both of these.
    Wednesday Men’s Leagues will start May 3...
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  • 2017 Men's League

    • April 2017
    News TitleWhen: Wednesdays starting May 3 to September 13. Early and late divisions.
  • Dues: $20, Handicap required GHIN ($15 for Non Members)
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